The Consummate Professional!  

    That might be the best way to describe Jeri.  In a consultant's  independent survey, Jeri's clients said there are three things they most appreciate: (1) her integrity and professionalism, (2) her attention-to-detail, and (3) she never wastes their time.  While naturally pleased by such feedback, Jeri is more flattered by the number of clients who consider her a friend.

    She describes herself as a good listener with a passion for building successful teams and admits to a relentless nature.  "I never give up," she says, "until I find the right person to make the right fit."  Her talent for teambuilding prompted perhaps the greatest compliment she's ever received: one of her clients, a company president, invited Jeri and all of her placements at that company to play golf and called the eightsome the "Jeri Schmidt Open."


    Outside the office, Jeri is an avid athlete.  Her typical weekend includes a 60-mile bike ride and a round of golf or a long day hike with her Jack Russell terriers.  She brings her energy and passion about people and applies it to her love of wilderness and animals.