When you have an important job opening to fill, chances are you need this person "yesterday."  And many times there are challenges to this staffing initiative, i.e., geographical location, like recruiting into California, or perhaps recruiting into Minnesota in the middle of January!  Or it could be a need for a specific technical skill set, or specific industry experience that's hard to find.  Or simply, but really not so simply, it's finding passion and solid people skills in candidates that create that indescribable "chemistry."  

In our 23 years of success in partnering with companies, we are confident (and our client companies tell us time and time again) of our ability to partner with you to bring you those "needles in the haystack" in a proactive, expeditious manner.  We know how to find "winners." 

We conduct dedicated searches for positions at the senior executive level, plant manager, mid-level technical managers and others.  We specialize in finding candidates that FIT, in small to medium - and even large companies - who believe that their best assets are their people. Our client companies are food manufacturers, CPG companies, packaging suppliers and converters.  

Let us show you 5 ways we help you fill those "hard to fill" positions.