Here are 5 ways we promise
to help you fill those "hard to fill" positions.

1.  We only bring you candidates who match your requirements.

We are proactive in the marketplace. . . . we do a thorough search of the entire industry to expand your hiring options.  We find truly top caliber candidates ... individuals you may feel you cannot approach ... or who may be unaware of the opportunity you offer ... or who, for confidentiality reasons, are reluctant to contact you directly ... or who, for ego reasons, need to be "courted."   Candidates are thoroughly pre-interviewed.  And we promise you we will never waste your time with marginal candidates. 

We have a passion about finding (and enticing where necessary)  the candidate who most closely fits" your corporate culture and matches the personalities of your current team while, at all times, honoring your company recruiting procedures and guidelines.

 2.  We are prompt and confidential. 

We are your representatives in the marketplace.  And especially in cases where you want to conduct a confidential search you can have confidence that we will be very, very strict. 

Whatever the circumstances, call us as soon as you have a "hard to fill" position.   Although market conditions vary, we fill most clients' needs within weeks.  We work with confidence, in confidence.

 3.  We know your industry and its current pulse.  

We stay in regular contact.  We supply industry intelligence including salaries being paid by your competition and the suitability of your performance expectations for a given compensation package.  After each interview, we tell you how the candidate has responded and, when appropriate, offer strategies for making a job offer that will attract the candidate as economically as possible or with the highest probability of acceptance.   We also call you after each assignment is completed to ask for constructive criticism.  So when a company tells us, "We're happy with our current search firm," we can confidently reply, "Then you'll be even happier with us."

 4.  We work on "dedicated" assignments.

Our client companies tell us we offer them the most successful results because there is close communication and a confidence that we are working - really working - unlike contingent recruiters who will take job orders from most any employer but tend to work only on the "easy" ones.  That means, you can count on us.  We commence a search with a very small invoice, but withhold all other invoices until the candidate has been identified and accepted a job offer.  You may cancel the search at any time with no future obligation on your part.  If you are serious, so are we ... and we are adamant about providing quality over quantity.

5.  We offer a proven track record!

Our client companies tell us that our level of professionalism and integrity are a cut above, things we believe in and know you expect.  We know when it comes to identifying and finding candidates, you need to be able to trust a search firm to be your true representative in the marketplace, someone you want to partner with for the long term as you continue to grow and be successful.  People are our passion and we will happily share references with you. We receive regular compliments on our professionalism and on our tendency to treat clients like family.  The bottom line is, we aim high, then deliver at the same height.   Because we know the best form of advertising is a satisfied customer.